Cutaquig | Subcutaneous Treatment‎

What is Cutaquig?

Cutaquig is a treatment for adults with primary immunodeficiency (PI) disease1
Cutaquig is used to treat adults with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) disease. There are many forms of PI. The most common types lead to an inability to make a very important kind of protein called antibodies, which protect your body against infections.

How to use Cutaquig?

Cutaquig is a subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy (or SCIg).1 With SCIg, you infuse cutaquig under the skin instead of into a vein (infusing medication for PI into a vein is known as intravenous immunoglobulin therapy, or IVIg).1

Once you’ve been trained by your healthcare provider, you’ll have the option to self-adminster cutaquig.1 Like most patients who choose to self-administer, you may gain a greater sense of freedom. Plus, cutaquig offers convenience—you’ll be able to self-administer almost anywhere, including home, work, school.3-5

With cutaquig therapy, there is a low rate of side effects—mostly local infusion site reactions, including but not limited to redness, swelling, and itching.1,6 In a clinical study, more than 99% of local reactions were mild or moderate.6 You may experience some of these, especially if you are newly starting SCIg therapy.5 Talk about any side effects you experience with your healthcare provider, who may be able to help you address them.1


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